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Asks are temporarily closed, because our artist has been away. I don't know how long they'll be closed, but hopefully we'll be up and running again soon. :)
Hey guys,

here's the newest addition to the ASK-MORI gallery: *Drumroll* A "Confessions" folder!

Submit everything, from your confessions about SHIFT, to your love/hate for Mori, and we'll make it into a poster like this.

If you'd like to remain anonymous, please message Maddy Moore (creator of Shift) or myself (on our Deviantart accounts), and we'll be sure to read your confessions :)
After finishing ASKMORI's newest comic ("Revenge"), and after reading Kra-zgirl's fanfiction (…), I've been thinking about Mori's character, and how it possesses the potential to develop.

Presently, if all the anti-human statements didn't give it away, Mori is extremely vengeful. Admittedly, he despises the humans for the genocide of the Shifters. However, instead of seeking revenge on their ancestors, his disdain assumes the form of indifference. It makes sense that Mori, being of a ripe, old age, should be mature enough to realise that the extinction of his people was not caused by the humans of the present; therefore, despite killing the Earth, he is not the right one to punish them for their ancestors' sins. He simply hopes that nature will take its course on those who hurt it, and spare those who are compassionate.

He, however, seeks revenge on the Guardians. The Guardians are Immortal entities, and according to SHIFT, they were alive and present during the massacre. He loathes them for standing idly by, and despite his pacified detest for the humans, his hate for the Guardians is as palpable as the memory of his people's demise. He does not hate Jack Frost for who he is as a person, but for who he is allied with. Mori realises that, in order to ensure the Guardians' destruction, he must first eliminate the very one who helped them evade it when Pitch made his move.

All in all, Mori is a character which deserves rebuke, but he also deserves sympathy. True, his actions against the Guardians are unjust, and they are fueled by his anger. However, his actions are also provoked by confusion towards the Shifters' demise, sorrow towards his family's death, and most of all, the painful acknowledgement that he will forever be alone in a world of strangers.

This character's story gnaws at my heart. You can expect fanfictions/comics in the future that will describe his past, as well as prospects for his future.
It's been a day since Mori's askblog has been launched, and so many of you have expressed your support.

Thanks so much. You have no idea how much you have all warmed the cockles of my heart.

Although I'm unable to respond to all your requests, please be aware that I'm reading every single one of them. Some have managed to make me burst out laughing, others have twisted my heart into knots, and I'm treasuring every comment that I receive.

If you'd like to request a fanfiction, feel free to do so. If you'd like to submit a fanfiction/fanart about Shift, or anything regarding Mori or ROTG, feel free to post it on the group's askblog. It'll be automatically accepted into the gallery :)

Have fun!

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